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Our experience with the Cody was amazing.

We were first time home buyers and having him with us at every step look a huge load off of our shoulders. He know to ask and look at thing that we would have never known to do. We will definitely be using him again any chance we can, and HIGHLY recommend everybody else to do the same.

2019 Buyer

Thought I was going to have to rent for my whole life.

Cody helped my family find the right lender, loan, and grants to help with down payment. Now homeownership is not so far out of my l Families reach, So happy!


I would like to relate an experience I observed with Cody Long.

A buyer from out of state had made many changes to what time they would be available for house showings and on multiple occasions had to reschedule and cancel appointments. throughout the entire time over several weeks of this though, Cody was very professional and courteous, even going so far as to changing his schedule and driving an extra 50 miles out of his way to help them. I was thoroughly impressed. Cody long is extremely well versed in all aspects of real estate and believes in helping people to find exactly what they are looking for, I highly recommend using him.

2018 Review

Kind, respectful, intuitive, honest and real.

You never feel pressured when working with Cody, instead guided towards what is best for you. In this case it was to stay put for now. It takes a really goodhearted Realtor to present information unbiasedly, even it doesn't benefit them. Will use him to list our home when the time comes.


Really superb transaction.

Methodical in getting information, really nice when dealing with my family and I. Easy, easy transaction, no bumps, no road blocks. I think his excellent comunication was the reason everything went off without a hitch!

Mark Rodriguez

I worked with a realtor before who I had a relationship with before and it was amazing how after we started working together to find a house they just didn't seem to care about me that much.

I understand that this is a transaction minded business but I don't roll like that and that sort of detached mindset is what lead me to cut ties with them. I didn't mind too much however because after that I found Cody and that turned out wonderfully. He is a smart, patient and attentive guy with a compassion that you don't see everyday in the real estate world, and it's that compassion that made all the difference. If your tired of being treated like you're just an agent's pay check work with Cody and the Neuhaus group and you'll be treated right.

Tom Marquadt

Looks young but acts like a seasoned pro.

Knows his business really well, and can basically get information on anything. Incredible how fast he works on what needs to get done, and always gives great advice.

Adam Guthrie

My husband and I were planning on buying our house with out an agent.

Cody was we'll educated on the process and let us know that since the seller is obligated to pay commission there's no point in not having representation and it will actually hurt you in the end, and that would have been very true. As transplants to Colorado the buying process is extraordinarily different and on our one we would have been lost, and ripe to have been taken advantage of. Cody drove us all over creation as we narrowed down neighborhoods and once we found our perfect house nothing could stop him from getting it for us! Throughout our million questions he was always there and knew what he needed to do so well we felt perfectly okay just letting him handle things. Two things I would say to anyone looking to buy a house 1. USE AN AGENT (you'll be glad later) 2. Use Cody (for the same reason).


Helping my parents find and purchase a home is not easy.

I am so glad I sent them to Cody. He's just a phenomenal agent, with so much knowledge and expertise. I just bought a condo in another state and it was no where near as easy as I think it would have been with him

r king 96hd

Exceeded expections in every way possible.

He did all the basic stuff you could expect from any agent but then went above and beyond at every corner. There was never any doubt he was looking out for my best interest and actively sought ways to make the process easier, and more enjoyable for me. I gloved working with him and would do it again anytime.


Great realtor.

Really friendly and not pushy at all. Didn't feel like he was selling to us felt like he was helping us. Were in a tough price range but he was on top of things to make sure we got in to see properties early and had the best chance we could. Didn't think we'd actually find anything but he got it done!


Very impressive young businessman.

I had reservations at first as I am easily 40 years his senior. I gave him the chance to prove himself to be a professional and he exceeded my expectations throughout. Knowledagable, very smart and hard working. At the end we found a home we wanted and the next day my husband lost his job putting us in a position we could no longer buy, he treated us with the upmost dignity and respect. When we are back to where we need to be we'll be working with him again.

Anna M

Cody has put the time and energy into being a top agent!

He has completed the Peak Producers course with Brian Buffini. Focusing on the relationship portion of the process to make the transaction go as smoothly as possible. I would highly recommend any buyer or seller working wit him!


Cody was very good and personable.

He researched each home we looked at to help us make informed decisions. He purchased a home warranty and very nice metal plaque for our new home. Sheree Kenner


Communicates with me using personalized videos.

Totally great I think it speaks volumes to how ahead of the game he is. When I think of Real estate agents I think of middle aged ladies and they're great but Cody knows how to use technology to my advantage, and that's something most realtors I talked to don't or can't do.

dustin j harway

As a first time homebuyer I appreciated the expertise and advice I needed to find a home that worked for me.

Honest and knowledgeable, the Neuhaus team steered me right.

jamie jarrard

Cody helped my growing family buy our first place!

We had a tough budget and i thought we would never find anything but after we found Cody things moved quickly and smoothly. After the closing he has kept in touch and helped out with several new homeowner crisis`. I reccomend him to anyone looking to buy.


Cody helped me buy a lot to build my next home on.

Very well educated on not only buying land but the process of home building afterwards. Has consistently answered my questions and introduced me to custom builders. Very happy with the service.


Very responsive, and hands on.

Perfect for dealing with someone like me who has never done this before. Ready to answer questions, and does so readily in a humble way. Always on top of seeing new that are listed things and getting appointments set up.

j cambell888

Cody has been my personal problem solver from day one to now.

With the loan I had to use there was no way I thought we were ever going to find options but he did! Then I never thought they'd take our offer but he got them too, and even when it looked like it wouldn't appraise because of (ridiculously dumb) paint items, he offered to rush down and do the work himself. Extraordinary what he went through for us and I am so greatful. Great dude, would not hesitate to recommend to anyone.


I have a very specific need and he is great at communicating with me when something that may interest me pops up.

Always brings me more than enough info on a property and always has a price analysis which is great as I am an engineer and I need lots of info to feel comfortable. Great all around experience, super professional, super educated and super personable.


My wife and I are looking to buy and investment property and we figured we'd find it ourselves and contact the listing agent to buy.

We accidently contacted this guy and it's proved to be helpful he has gone above and beyond pulling numbers, and comparisons for us to make a good decision. Super knowledgeable, on top of things, couldn't ask for a smarter agent. Will be using him as we buy our rental.

Paul Selberg

He had a very good knowledge of a very unique one of a kind property.

He obviously went above and beyond what most would do to educate themselves on this property. He was also very diligent in communicating and accommodating my schedule for showings, even though I found out later he was driving and hour or more each way to show me the house. Super agent!


I went through a hellish experience buying a home due to lack of professionalism from the other side of the table.

Despite of this, Cody made things almost bareable. He was by far the most knowledgeable agent I have ever worked with and I have worked with many. He communicated with me constantly throughout the ordeal we went through and got me my house at a price that I consider a steal (20k less than my neighbors). Over all if I could change who we ended up buying from, it would have been the best real estate experience I have ever had. Would recommend and use again.

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